We currently source from 3 different countries:

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala: We source our medium roast coffee from La Conchita, a group of coffee farmers in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Their farms are located in a tropical region that is known for violent thunderstorms, as well as exceptional coffee.  

Photo from farm in Quetzaltenango

Siguatepeque, HondurasWe source our dark roast coffee from a small-farmer co-op, named Don Lencho in Siguatepeque, Honduras. The farms are often wet with fog and mist throughout most of the growing season, making for perfect coffee growing conditions. 

Pluma Hidalgo, Mexico: We source our light roast coffee from the Pluma Hidalgo region in southern Mexico. This source farm is located in mountains less than an hour away from the Pacific Ocean. The altitude combined with the micro-climate of the region makes these coffees spectacular!