Our Story

Searching for a way to enjoy a personal cup of fresh roasted coffee, one of our group stumbled on the world of coffee roasting. Initially it seemed such a venture was too large and too expensive, but the idea of roasting quality, on demand, premium coffee wouldn’t go away. As we discussed the idea, we were astonished to find we already had trained and experienced expertise in our little group. Byzantine Coffee is the result of the prayer, thought and work of a few Orthodox Christians. As a group, we have a large vision. Large visions need large resources. And so the marriage of coffee and our beginning community seemed natural. Earning what we need to fulfill our vision is necessary. But helping others is also necessary. So we have developed Byzantine Coffee in such a way that it can help other non-profit organizations and communities fulfill their vision as well. We want others to succeed. In offering our premium coffee we aren’t just providing magnificent coffee, although we do that, we are also sharing ourselves, and our gifts and talents with others. It is personal work. We’re glad that you are investigating our coffee. If you have a non-profit organization or community feel free to contact us. Perhaps we will be able to work together.