How We Roast: Air Roasting

How We Roast: Air Roasting

Roasting coffee begins with selecting the right green coffee beans.  Ours are only selected from top-grade beans that are proven to be consistent and have good availability. We take care to select beans that will meet the flavor profile that we are hoping to achieve in our roast.

Once we have selected our beans, we test roast them until we understand where the flavor is at its peak for the particular bean. All beans are different. With a good understanding of the flavor profile of our beans we can then get to work developing our unique blends and roasts.

At Byzantine Coffee, we offer a unique and innovative roasting method known as "fluidized bed roasting" or "air roasting." Our roasters use hot air to gently agitate the coffee beans and bring them to the desired degree of roast.

Our coffee's subtle, sweet flavors shine through because our roasters use electricity as a heat source, so the roasted coffee flavors are not affected by the burnt and over-roasted flavors associated with traditional gas-fired roasters. Not only does air roasting enhance the flavor of the coffee but it also provides a sustainable roasting method by using a renewable energy source rather than fossil fuels.

Roasting is a skill and art that we take very seriously so that we can provide you with a delicious cup of coffee every morning, or on that quiet evening.

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